Footprints in the Sand

When I started writing this blog a couple of months ago, it was mainly for a situation that I was about to face! It was meant to break me and cause an upheaval in life, BUT GOD had a different plan!

This may all be repetitive if you’ve followed my blog. But, my heart is so full as I look back and see how’s God worked through it all! What Satan meant for evil, God’s used for good!

A couple of years ago, I was talking to someone I didn’t even know who’s also a believer. I wasn’t living for the Lord like I should of then and talking to her was a great reminder of what I was missing out on. She and I have since became great friends from this conversation and continually encourage each other. Pretty amazing how God Works

I decided that day that I was completely giving it all to God. I wrote out my prayer request and gave it to another friend who would call/text and make sure I was doing what I had committed to of being in God’s Word every day.

Every prayer started being checked off my list as answered. He’s truly set me free from negative things that had been poured into my mind and that I believed for a long time.

But, now I know that I am who God says I am. There are so many scriptures that I’ve prayed over and over! Psalm 139:14, Genesis 1:27, Psalm 56:8, Luke 12:7. If you struggle with that, this song is a great reminder too!

There’s no greater joy than knowing that and having the joy that He’s given me!

He’s just kept showing me truth through His Words over and over again and has changed my mindset. He’s showed me my gifting’s to be shared with others. It’s complete opposite of how I was living before.

I stayed isolated from the world because of what I believed about myself, feeling unworthy. But, as I begin to pray scriptures and the words to this song, He changed me! The truth is I love people with all my heart and instead of isolating myself from them, God’s given me a passion to share His love with everyone.

To be honest, I’m facing the same situation I was a couple of months ago, but it’s so different now because I know that no weapon formed against me will prosper. (Isaiah 54:17) I know that it’s my fight, but it’s His strength. (Colossians 1:29) I know that we don’t wrestle flesh and blood, but principalities of the dark and we’re mighty with God’s Word in our hand! (Ephesians 6:12) God has all this and He’s already worked it all out!

I have to continually give it to Him though. If I don’t my mind could get carried away with all the what if’s and what could be’s!

I just want to encourage anyone that might be walking through something tough. Give it to God, He will carry you through, He’ll bring people alongside of you that will walk through it with you, He’ll give you strength through His Word and power through your prayers!This poem has been a great reminder for me in times that I felt like I couldn’t make it! We are never alone!!!


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