Just Do it

Before I started writing this blog, I’d post stories on Facebook. But, I begin to feel that there had to be more for me than just posting on facebook.

I began to pray that God would enlarge my territory and was encouraged by my small group to start blogging. It’s awesome how God puts the right people in our path to see our prayers answered!

As I’ve come to realize who I am through Christ and what he has for me, it’s made me to want to know more and more and find my place and purpose.

I stayed home with my kids when they were little and I remember praying that there had to be more for me and praying for my purpose!

I’ve realized that there’s no greater joy than seeing my kids succeed and seeing them become who they were prayed to be! They’re my main purpose, but as they’ve gotten older, I’ve been praying for what else God has for me.

Here are two resources that are really helpful. I’ve shared this one before, but it’s great to know how we can relate with others https://www.5lovelanguages.com/

This one is helpful too in finding your spiritual strengths, https://gifts.churchgrowth.org/spiritual-gifts-survey/

It’s exciting when you push through to a new season. I’m overflowing and ready to move on to what God has next for me!

Sometimes I struggle with the answers, when I get what I pray for 😉 I’ve shared this before also, but it reminds me of the elementary song, O-B-E-D-I-E-N-C-E and taking action is the key!

As I pray, I keep hearing, “Just Do It”. Like the Nike Slogan! :). What are the odds, walking out of the grocery store on Sat that there would be a booth outside selling t-shirts?!?

There’s a scripture that talks about going to a secluded place and simply, quietly and honestly giving things to God. That’s when He helps us and we begin to sense His grace. Matthew 6:4-6. He has something for all of us when we let Him lead us.

My prayer for myself and for all who are reading! May we learn to take things to God simply and quietly, have faith in what we hear and do it!!! He will bless us greatly!!

Thanks for letting me share!


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