Count your Blessings

As we walk through life we all have a story or a situation that may have changed the direction of our lives. For me it was a divorce with 4 kids.

In the beginning, it seemed like a huge mountain that I wondered how in the world I would climb. But, with God we made it!!! We adjusted to the new normal and life is good!!

As my kids get older, I’m so proud of how they have excelled in life and how resilient they seem to the painful things that came from having divorced parents.

For me, although I have my bad days, God has given me a fresh fire to love Him deeper, know Him more and to love others as He would!

Since I made a commitment a couple of years ago to be daily in His word and turn things around, my life has never been the same!

The same God who performed miracles in the Bible is the same God that has been there for us every step of the way. It’s amazing looking back and seeing how He carried us through. It’s an honor and privilege to know Him personally. He truly has made me stronger!

As I began praying to be more like Him and that I could be a vessel that He worked through, it’s changed me and the blessings in return have been amazing!

I spent some time this week with my college girlfriends. God knew 20+ the friendships that I would need today. They were such a blessing to me then and even more now. It touched all of our hearts to pick up right where we left off……forever friends!

After being with them, I choose to count my blessings in all I have. They are far greater than the tough things we walk through!

Thank you for letting me share!


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