He’s My All in All

I am beyond blessed by the amazing friends and family in my life.

As I’ve walked through this journey of life and written out my story, the one thing that’s stood out the most is the love from those that God purposely puts in my path. Ones who’ve been through what I have or just been there to laugh with me until we cry or cry with me until we can laugh.

I find myself being thankful for my family. My church family, my work family, my sports family. No matter the circle, they all seem like family and I couldn’t have made it through this crazy without them!

God’s done some amazing things in me this year and knowing His love is the greatest of all!!

It seems like so many are going through so much right now and my heart and prayers go out to everyone who’s lost a loved one at the holidays, fighting through cancer, dealing with health issues, unplanned pregnancy, divorce, whatever the hurt is….

Thankfully, He is our joy, our peace, our comforter, our strength, our healer, our defender. He is our All in All!!!


May we all look back on these trying times as just a season, where we knew His love more personally, experienced His love through others and gained a greater faith and strength because of it!

Thanks for letting me share!😊


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