Leaving a Legacy

Being a mom is my greatest joy in life!! I was taught well by the best parents ever! My mom and dad still drop whatever they’re doing to help me and the kids for whatever we need. Although, I am divorced, my in-laws still treat me as their own and would also do anything to help me and the kids. I was also taught well by my spiritual parents from my church how to be a praying mom/prayer warrior and an overcomer!!!

We’ve always been a big sports family and I , the kids biggest cheerleader! But, I often remind them that it truly is just a season in life!! I encourage them to work hard for their athletic dreams, but that it’s my job to look beyond just the season!

I’m raising future husbands, wives, aunts and uncles, coworkers and friends. The legacy that they leave behind as people is far greater than the number of trophies on their shelves. They don’t always agree with me, but like my mom tells me…….mom knows best!😊

I saw this post shared on Facebook about a man that passed away who has touched the lives of many!


It really spoke to me and made me think about my own legacy and what I would leave behind!

As I’m entering a new season and God is greatly blessing me, I pray that I could continue to walk closely with Him, live by example and be a testimony to others! What legacy will you leave behind?

Thanks for letting me share!


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