Find your people😊

What a rollercoaster of a week this has been!! I’ve experienced the highest of highest….great things, the “Only God” type of things.

But, also in writing this blog and recording my testimony, had to relive some of the most painful times!

You never know what will trigger the pain of the past , but it was triggered by a combination of things this week. Causing an ugly, crying meltdown!!!! Wanting to move forward and look ahead, but it had me feeling like I couldn’t do it!!!! I couldn’t go through it again!! I couldn’t give my whole heart to anything ever again, only for it to be crushed!

It’s my tendency to want to talk to my people, my support system, for the answers . But, when they didn’t answer, I talked with God, instead, and He quickly showed me to guard my heart, for everything I do flows from it! Proverbs 4:23.

No matter where we are in life or what we are going through, I think this is key!! Satan is there to steal, kill and destroy. John 10:10 ****DON’T LET HIM*****

Here’s what worked best for me next……..

For me, after staying in God’s word and in prayer, finding my people (my support system) was the best thing ever. I’ve been so amazed at the people God’s put in my path to carry me through! I love them all, with all my heart!

Going back to sermons I’d heard and finding resources and ministries that resonated with me was a huge thing too.

In my marriage, I was verbally torn down on a daily basis. I began to believe every negative thing that was hammered into my head. Emmanuel’s pastor, Danny Anderson, did a series called Hindurance. In his message, he talked about changing your lens and seeing things through a different perspective. Thankfully, I now see myself through God’s eyes, as His treasured daughter!! Knowing that He loves me, just as I am!

I went back to find this message and was SO AMAZED at the whole series, I’ve included the link! I love it how God reveals truth to us. In relistening to this message, I got out of it something completely different, than I did from the first time I heard it!!

Before I got to that place though , hearing Teresa Kemp was the turning point in my walk with the Lord. I don’t know much about her or her ministry, because I only heard her that one time. But, when she began to pray for me, she started by saying, you are not this, this and this (using the exact negative words that had been hammered into my head) then went on with prayer and instruction. Her book is, “Forever Changed”, A Story of God’s Transforming Power. I actually just talked with her through Facebook. She’s involved in prison and jail ministry and personally overcame drug addiction. She does international evangelism in Africa and is the founder of Breaking Chains International.

Kim Jones Pothier, is another one that’s had a huge impact on my life, my walk and helped to bring healing. She and her husband, Mark, pastor, Church of the Harvest, in Fayetteville, GA. She’s also online at

I love her!!!!! She has her own unique style, but can flat out bring the Word, like no one else I’ve ever heard. She has a similar story that left me with a great message of hope. Her book is “Beautifully Broken”. I’m not much of a reader, but I would highly recommend hers.

I had messaged her a couple of years ago, thanking her for her ministry and immediately got one back that said, due to the number of messages she receives, she will pray, but can’t respond to all. I messaged her again this week as I’ve been retelling my story. I got the same message back. But, since then, I received a personal message from her and we’ve chatted back and forth a couple of times. It’s made my day, maybe my whole year!😊 God is so good!

I, also, wanted to mention, The Divorce Care ministry, I haven’t done this personally, as I chose to keep it private between me and God. But, I’ve heard great things about this program from others. I did do the personal daily studies and they were a great help!

These are just few things that have really helped bring me to where I am today! It’s been a long journey! I heard Teresa speak at Charity Church in 2014 & Danny’s message was from October 2016.

At the end of last year, I was sharing all these things that were happening, with my pastor now, Paul Slagle. Paul then, said to me, “He’s far from Finished”. That ended up being my personal vision/mission statement for 2018. There could be no truer statement!!!!

If you have heard anyone speak or have read anything that has helped in your walk, let me know and I’ll share next time! Thanks for letting me share! Have a great week!!


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