Been there, done that!

My daughter had orientation for college today. She’s my 2nd to go, so it was a different kind of emotion than it was with my first. They even handed out buttons for the parents to wear. One that said “New to this” or “Been there, done that” depending on which child we were there with.Wouldn’t it be awesome, if we could wear buttons like that in life. To help us know how and with whom we can relate to. I found myself looking around the table and by their buttons, I knew how they were feeling. Last year, when I was sending my oldest daughter off to college and “New to this” experience, I wanted to boo hoo and it was tough letting her go. This year, wearing the “been there done that” button, it was a little easier, plus she’s living at home. I can’t imagine how I’ll be feeling when my youngest goes. Maybe a combo of both. Sad because he’s my baby, but thrilled because he’s my last one and I’m done!!!!!🎉🎈🎉In writing this blog, I am no expert, just someone who’s “been there, done that. I love sharing this journey with you all. It helps me to realize how God’s been there through it all, even when I didn’t see Him. In healing, from the pain of my divorce, I would go out on my back porch and search His word and then pray those very words into my situation. When my heart was broken, I prayed that he’d be near me, bind up my wounds and heal me. (Psalm 34:18); a verse from Beth Moore’s Breaking Free study, John 8:36 (I’m gonna make you look 👀 it up) stood out to me and I prayed it. Things started being almost too good to be true because God was putting every little broken piece back together. It lead me to this verse, Deut 30:3 (msg.version)~ God your God will restore everything you have lost. He’ll have compassion on you, he’ll come back and pick up all the pieces where you were scattered. He did every bit of that for me and more. He can do it for you too!!! ****I wasn’t going to tell this story, but maybe someone could use a laugh. I’m directionally challenged and it drives me crazy!!!! I nicknamed my brother, Rand McNally, because he could gets us anywhere we needed to go. I’m the total opposite and literally got lost in the parking garage today.😂😂😂😂 I knew my car was close, I just couldn’t find it. I kept hitting the panic button and could hear it, but had to wind around a million times until I found it. It made me think about His word and how it truly is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path. Why would we wander around in circles to find the way, when we can stand on His word that will guide us, right where we need togo?!?***


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