He will continue His work until it is finally finished

I haven’t written for awhile, but to hear from others that reading my story made a difference, it’s encouraging to keep writing!

I don’t know who needs to hear this. But, I was in a toxic relationship for a long time. I suffered silently for so long because you don’t want anyone to know and just hope and pray that it’ll change. We can’t change people. But, if we allow Him to, God can put every broken piece back together in us.

I am so thankful for those those that God purposefully put in my own life to help and encourage and be a life line that I desperately.

The day that I chose to fully give it God. He began to change me and I started too see myself through God’s eyes instead of the negativity that was poured into my head. Pray the scriptures over your life and believe you’re who God says you are. I would even pray the words to songs over my situation.

There are days you think you’re all healed and then salt gets poured in a wound, you didn’t even know was still there. TRUST that God uses all things to work together for our good! Let it work for good, use it to let Him heal you and lead you to the next step that’ll take you further than you’ve ever been before !! One day at a time, one step at a time if that what it takes.

Being torn down for most everything I did, I feared breathing wrong. Don’t be afraid, it’s ok to make mistakes, we all do! to All yourself grace and forgiveness. We’re all just broken, works in progress.

Life’s a journey. But, I am certain that The God who began the good work in you, will continue His work until it is finally finished.” Trust Him and never give up!!!


Looking ahead for Brighter Tomorrow’s

The holidays are such a joyful time, but also a hard time of year for a lot of people!

As my kids are getting older. they’re off doing their own thing as soon as Thanksgiving dinner is over. I don’t have little ones anymore to dress up in ruffles and bows and I can’t talk them into wearing matching pajamas 😜.

But, that’s not what the holidays are meant for anyway. I’ve had to remind myself of all the many things I have to be thankful for and the the true meaning of Christmas in the birth of our Savior! I’m so thankful for all He’s done for me and to know Him and have a relationship with Him!

A couple of weeks ago, I stood up for myself and my kids for the first time in my life. As great as it was, it was so tough! Not only was I closing that chapter in my life, I was also taking a step into a new chapter. One I know nothing about. BUT GOD knows and that’s enough for me. I’ve shared this song before, but because He lives, we can face tomorrow and all fear is gone. He holds our future and that makes life worth it!


I’ve shared this illustration before also, but it is so fitting now.

Our lives are like a billboard that we drive right past, not something to stop and stare at or dwell on. The reason the rear view mirror is so small. These things that we go through are just tiny stepping stones to making us who God wants us to be and discovering what He wants us to do. We drive forward with a much bigger window and if we allow God to lead us and guide us, what’s ahead is far greater than what’s behind us.

Satan will put things in our lives to stop us in our tracks. But, I’ve also realized though that God also allows us to go through things so we can become better for the best outcomes in our lives. If we walk closely with Him and listen for His voice, He will lead us exactly where we are to go. His word truly is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our paths!

May we all leave the past in the rear view mirrors and look forward to our brighter tomorrow’s.

Thanks for letting me share!😊

All to Jesus I Surrendered

Life is such a journey!!! I’ve been on a roller coaster ride the last six months that I’ve wished I did not have to be on!

God’s done amazing things through it, but it’s been as equally painful to have to go back and face the past! Unfortunately, something we have to do to move forward.

It took a toll on me for a minute, but I’ve had to allow myself some grace as I’ve questioned God’s plan a million times over. But, one thing I know for sure, is there is a purpose for the pain that we go through. We may not know it today, but something that we can learn and grow from that will make our tomorrow’s brighter.

Our stories are not for us, but to share and help others that need to hear!

This scripture has stood out to me over the last couple weeks. It’s so very true!

His mercies are new every single day and His love never ceases. That gives me great hope!!

I’m a fighter and my kids are fighters! We claimed this scripture as our families life verse.

Romans 5:3-5

When we feel like we don’t have the fight left in us, is when we fight harder!! Trials bring perseverance, perseverance, character and character, hope. My favorite part of that scripture is, that the hope we have through salvation will not lead to disappointment!

This time last year as everyone was choosing one word for the new year, I chose the phrase, He’s far from finished as my mission statement for 2018. There’s been no truer statement as I’ve walked through this year and for years to come.

This year, my one word, is surrender. All to Jesus, I surrender, all to Him I freely give. It’s takes trusting Him in the good, bad and ugly, the unknown, the new chapters. But, there’s no one else I’d rather trust more through it all. His love never ceases and will never fail us!


Thanks for letting me share!

He’s My All in All

I am beyond blessed by the amazing friends and family in my life.

As I’ve walked through this journey of life and written out my story, the one thing that’s stood out the most is the love from those that God purposely puts in my path. Ones who’ve been through what I have or just been there to laugh with me until we cry or cry with me until we can laugh.

I find myself being thankful for my family. My church family, my work family, my sports family. No matter the circle, they all seem like family and I couldn’t have made it through this crazy without them!

God’s done some amazing things in me this year and knowing His love is the greatest of all!!

It seems like so many are going through so much right now and my heart and prayers go out to everyone who’s lost a loved one at the holidays, fighting through cancer, dealing with health issues, unplanned pregnancy, divorce, whatever the hurt is….

Thankfully, He is our joy, our peace, our comforter, our strength, our healer, our defender. He is our All in All!!!


May we all look back on these trying times as just a season, where we knew His love more personally, experienced His love through others and gained a greater faith and strength because of it!

Thanks for letting me share!😊

Leaving a Legacy

Being a mom is my greatest joy in life!! I was taught well by the best parents ever! My mom and dad still drop whatever they’re doing to help me and the kids for whatever we need. Although, I am divorced, my in-laws still treat me as their own and would also do anything to help me and the kids. I was also taught well by my spiritual parents from my church how to be a praying mom/prayer warrior and an overcomer!!!

We’ve always been a big sports family and I , the kids biggest cheerleader! But, I often remind them that it truly is just a season in life!! I encourage them to work hard for their athletic dreams, but that it’s my job to look beyond just the season!

I’m raising future husbands, wives, aunts and uncles, coworkers and friends. The legacy that they leave behind as people is far greater than the number of trophies on their shelves. They don’t always agree with me, but like my mom tells me…….mom knows best!😊

I saw this post shared on Facebook about a man that passed away who has touched the lives of many!


It really spoke to me and made me think about my own legacy and what I would leave behind!

As I’m entering a new season and God is greatly blessing me, I pray that I could continue to walk closely with Him, live by example and be a testimony to others! What legacy will you leave behind?

Thanks for letting me share!

Seek Ye First the kingdom of God

As I write this today, I’m in awe of how amazing God is!!!!

When I started writing this blog, it was meant to be a testimony of what God’s done for me and for anyone else that might be where I was. I’m not trained in any way, I just have life experience and a good, good God that’s carried me through every step of the way!!!

I’ve spent a lot of years digging out from the negativity and the damage done from an unhealthy relationship. It’s such a process, that’s been one day at a time and one thing at a time. Now, there are no words to describe the joy and the peace from having dug out from underneath all of it. Most of all, it’s given me such love, adoration and thankfulness towards God for a complete transformation!

This summer I was walking through a park in Vevay IN at a festival with different booths selling different things and came across these plaques that spoke right to me! I posted these pictures on facebook in August.

The week before I had just heard a message about the transformation into a butterfly. It resonated with me because I feel like that’s the season I’m living in. Going from a ugly caterpillar to a butterfly. I was stressed, depressed and a mess for a long time! But, God changed all that and has given me a message to share. My prayer had been that I could soar and fly in my spiritual walk and life!

Another prayer is that I could be a light to the world! To add a little sparkle was very fitting😊

The very next day, Jesus Calling devotional said to spend time with Him and He can add sparkle to your day!

Such a confirmation of when we walk closely with the Lord, He will lead us!!!

I went back to find the message I’d heard on this from the week before. It’s not until the last 10 min of it that Pastor Paul talks about metamorphosis and the butterfly. But, what a powerful message and just what I needed to hear for what I’m facing right now. So powerful that I’m including the whole message. I know so many of you walk through the same things I do. It’s titled “You’ll make it”.

It’s amazing how God knows exactly what we need to hear, right when we need to hear it! I heard this in August, but when I stopped and really listened today, I heard it in a completely different way!


There are some things that I continue to face that I could question why?? Instead, I’ve been praying Proverbs 3:5-6~Trust in The Lord with all my heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He’ll direct your path.

I know that I’ll look back on these things and see the reason why later, what I’ve learned from it and the faith that it’s given me.

Having spent so many years fighting for my marriage and then fixing the broken from it, I’m in a season that is completely brand new. I have no idea what God has in store for me. But, I know that He is in control and that His ways are greater than my ways. I know that He is exceedingly abundantly above all able to do more than I could ever ask or imagine. Ephesians 3:20. My prayer~”Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added unto you.” Matthew 6:33

We’ll all make it through what we face if we meet daily with Him and trust Him to lead us. God’s Word truly is the Living Word and can be a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path.

Thanks for letting me share!

Just Do it

Before I started writing this blog, I’d post stories on Facebook. But, I begin to feel that there had to be more for me than just posting on facebook.

I began to pray that God would enlarge my territory and was encouraged by my small group to start blogging. It’s awesome how God puts the right people in our path to see our prayers answered!

As I’ve come to realize who I am through Christ and what he has for me, it’s made me to want to know more and more and find my place and purpose.

I stayed home with my kids when they were little and I remember praying that there had to be more for me and praying for my purpose!

I’ve realized that there’s no greater joy than seeing my kids succeed and seeing them become who they were prayed to be! They’re my main purpose, but as they’ve gotten older, I’ve been praying for what else God has for me.

Here are two resources that are really helpful. I’ve shared this one before, but it’s great to know how we can relate with others https://www.5lovelanguages.com/

This one is helpful too in finding your spiritual strengths, https://gifts.churchgrowth.org/spiritual-gifts-survey/

It’s exciting when you push through to a new season. I’m overflowing and ready to move on to what God has next for me!

Sometimes I struggle with the answers, when I get what I pray for 😉 I’ve shared this before also, but it reminds me of the elementary song, O-B-E-D-I-E-N-C-E and taking action is the key!

As I pray, I keep hearing, “Just Do It”. Like the Nike Slogan! :). What are the odds, walking out of the grocery store on Sat that there would be a booth outside selling t-shirts?!?

There’s a scripture that talks about going to a secluded place and simply, quietly and honestly giving things to God. That’s when He helps us and we begin to sense His grace. Matthew 6:4-6. He has something for all of us when we let Him lead us.

My prayer for myself and for all who are reading! May we learn to take things to God simply and quietly, have faith in what we hear and do it!!! He will bless us greatly!!

Thanks for letting me share!