“Be still, and know that I am God”

Wow! What another great week I’ve had! God has revealed so much truth to me and confirmed so many things within my spirit!!

I got to spend quality time with my family and friends, making new memories and strengthening relationships that I already have. Making new friends and reconnecting with old ones. God is so good!!!

Today, I’m resting! I’m being still and trusting in Him! Can’t wait to see what He has next for me!!!!

I did want to mention, a place that was recommended by a dear, sweet friend. I will never publicly share how God connected us😜. But, only God, in His crazy ways!!!

Shepherd’s Gate Inn, located in Martinsville IN, is a beautiful place set up, just for time away with God. They have personal or group retreats. Check it out! http://rest-ministries.org/

Or this….


As the kids get ready to go back to school and before we get back in our routines, go do something fun and/or relaxing with your family. Spend quality time & make memories! Tomorrow is never promised! Have a great week! Thanks for letting me share!

Life is a Journey

**Warning, this should be written in about 10 blog posts. But, God’s been doing such AMAZING things, I had to share them all😊!***

I’ve had such a good time with my family, in Nashville, for my son’s baseball tournament!! I can’t believe I heard this come out of his mouth, but he said he was getting tired from the season. Poor guy works around the clock, putting in extra work and then has had such a long season between school and travel ball. He loves the game, but we both are ready for this season to be over!

I re-listened to Emmanuel’s, Danny Anderson’s, Hindrance series, from Oct 2016.

https://myeclife.org/page/460?Item=69. ***Its the message on faith****

I got something completely different out of it. than when I heard it the first time.

He was talking about how we can hinder the work of God by our lack of faith. Or, we can bring such faith to the table that our prayers our answered because of it.

In sharing my story, I’ve realized that it was from my absolute faith and belief , that my prayers have been answered. I didn’t set out for it to be that way. I, was mainly living in survival mode.There’s a saying, “there are years that ask, and years that answer. I’m now living in the years that answer and it’s AMAZING!!!

I thought I’d share about how some of my dreams have been coming true and of the cool things happening, as I truly see us walking into the next season of our lives. Two of my dreams came true over the 4th of July weekend! They looked a little different than I had envisioned, but still came true!!

I have always wanted to go to Pure Michigan. Every summer, I see everyone’s pictures on social media and it looks so beautiful up there and seems to always be, a great time had by all. I don’t know why, but I’d let being a single mom, hinder me from going.

I’m very independent and have been around the world on sporting trips and never really let anything stop me from doing what I wanted to do. It’s actually made me more determined to get things done!!

But, I’d just never made it to Pure Michigan, a new place that I’d have to learn how to navigate.

Myself, my two daughters and one of their boyfriends enjoyed the holiday weekend there. My oldest daughter drove us up there, since they think I’m such an awful driver and besides, I’m horrible with directions. She did a great job getting us there!!!!

My ULTIMATE dream in life , is to have a family lakehouse someday! Nothing extravagant, just a place to gather with family and friends to make memories ~tubing etc.

Umm, I can barely drive a car, much less a boat and know nothing about the boating/lake life. While in Michigan, we rented a boat and had a great time tubing on Lake Michigan. I even saw the Big Red lighthouse that I’ve always wanted to see. Both of my girls, steered that boat like true helmsman and chartered through those waters like they’d been on them their whole lives. I literally sat with happy tears, as I was living a dream and was so proud of the strong women my daughters have become!!

Life is a journey, but step-by-step, day by day, WE CAN DO THIS!💪

One day this week, I text my friend Sam, Happy Anniversary. Then said, “let’s start praying for me a good, godly man!” It about gave me a heart attack that I actually said that. I’d never said that before!!!!For so long, I’d had a HUGE, do not disturb sign, bolted across my heart!!!

She responded back, “Praying for a Godly man for you, and until then that you are content with the one who passionately loves and adores you…..Jesus😊” WOW!!! Thank you, Sam for saying just what I needed to hear! Something I think all of us, in this situation, need to hear.

I don’t want my girls signing me up for match.com, like they’ve secretly tried to do in the past. Or, anyone trying to fix me up. Thanks, but no thanks!! I’ll just be still and patiently wait for God’s plan and live my life to the fullest, in the meantime!

Since I’m on the subject, Pastor David Gibson was my pastor for years at Charity Church. He and his wife, Nina had a great influence over my life.

After Nina passed, he shared that he was ministering to a family and when he hugged Pam, now his wife, he knew she was the one for him. He calls her his “suddenly” and advises others to pray for their own “suddenlies”

A great word of advice from a great pastor!!!

I’ve had about ten heart attacks this week as I’ve walked so closely with the Lord and so much has been confirmed to me. Here’s a link to our Sunday service. Paul says it much better than I could, but about as exact as I would.

Exactly as I did say it in my testimony, that I had already recorded on July 9th~ it hasn’t even been played yet! Word for word, scripture for scripture~the exact same. Especially, in the songs we sang!

I was so touched by the song service and how well it matched what had been stirring in my heart, that I heard the message, but didn’t actually listen to it, until I shared the link just now. In it are things I’ve already written about, above in this very post and in past posts!!!!! The title is Step-by-step, which I didn’t even know until I asked him today after I had already written this. Actually, I don’t think he even mentioned the title in the service!!

This all has been such a confidence builder for me, I don’t have a title~ I’m not a pastor or a worship leader. All I have is life experience, a great foundation and have been taught very well along the way.

I’m 43 and attended Suburban Baptist school in K-2 grades and hated every minute of it. I hated it because we had to memorize, memorize and memorize scriptures. But, that’s where it all started. Memorizing those scriptures, that I would end up using all throughout my life. God is so good! And I have great parents for sending me there😊 even if I didn’t like it at the time.

Sat night, I posted a song, that was heavy on my heart, as the prayer for my life. The lyrics are the perfect words for my prayer. It fit so well with this topic, I’d thought I’d share.

All this has been such a confirmation for me that I’m exactly where I belong, partnering with those that share the exact same heart and message. Only God could do these amazing things!!!

Thanks for letting me share.

Find your people😊

What a rollercoaster of a week this has been!! I’ve experienced the highest of highest….great things, the “Only God” type of things.

But, also in writing this blog and recording my testimony, had to relive some of the most painful times!

You never know what will trigger the pain of the past , but it was triggered by a combination of things this week. Causing an ugly, crying meltdown!!!! Wanting to move forward and look ahead, but it had me feeling like I couldn’t do it!!!! I couldn’t go through it again!! I couldn’t give my whole heart to anything ever again, only for it to be crushed!

It’s my tendency to want to talk to my people, my support system, for the answers . But, when they didn’t answer, I talked with God, instead, and He quickly showed me to guard my heart, for everything I do flows from it! Proverbs 4:23.

No matter where we are in life or what we are going through, I think this is key!! Satan is there to steal, kill and destroy. John 10:10 ****DON’T LET HIM*****

Here’s what worked best for me next……..

For me, after staying in God’s word and in prayer, finding my people (my support system) was the best thing ever. I’ve been so amazed at the people God’s put in my path to carry me through! I love them all, with all my heart!

Going back to sermons I’d heard and finding resources and ministries that resonated with me was a huge thing too.

In my marriage, I was verbally torn down on a daily basis. I began to believe every negative thing that was hammered into my head. Emmanuel’s pastor, Danny Anderson, did a series called Hindurance. In his message, he talked about changing your lens and seeing things through a different perspective. Thankfully, I now see myself through God’s eyes, as His treasured daughter!! Knowing that He loves me, just as I am!

I went back to find this message and was SO AMAZED at the whole series, I’ve included the link! I love it how God reveals truth to us. In relistening to this message, I got out of it something completely different, than I did from the first time I heard it!!


Before I got to that place though , hearing Teresa Kemp was the turning point in my walk with the Lord. I don’t know much about her or her ministry, because I only heard her that one time. But, when she began to pray for me, she started by saying, you are not this, this and this (using the exact negative words that had been hammered into my head) then went on with prayer and instruction. Her book is, “Forever Changed”, A Story of God’s Transforming Power. I actually just talked with her through Facebook. She’s involved in prison and jail ministry and personally overcame drug addiction. She does international evangelism in Africa and is the founder of Breaking Chains International. http://www.breakingchainsint.org

Kim Jones Pothier, is another one that’s had a huge impact on my life, my walk and helped to bring healing. She and her husband, Mark, pastor, Church of the Harvest, in Fayetteville, GA. She’s also online at http://www.realtalkkim.com

I love her!!!!! She has her own unique style, but can flat out bring the Word, like no one else I’ve ever heard. She has a similar story that left me with a great message of hope. Her book is “Beautifully Broken”. I’m not much of a reader, but I would highly recommend hers.

I had messaged her a couple of years ago, thanking her for her ministry and immediately got one back that said, due to the number of messages she receives, she will pray, but can’t respond to all. I messaged her again this week as I’ve been retelling my story. I got the same message back. But, since then, I received a personal message from her and we’ve chatted back and forth a couple of times. It’s made my day, maybe my whole year!😊 God is so good!

I, also, wanted to mention, The Divorce Care ministry, http://www.divorcecare.org. I haven’t done this personally, as I chose to keep it private between me and God. But, I’ve heard great things about this program from others. I did do the personal daily studies and they were a great help!

These are just few things that have really helped bring me to where I am today! It’s been a long journey! I heard Teresa speak at Charity Church in 2014 & Danny’s message was from October 2016.

At the end of last year, I was sharing all these things that were happening, with my pastor now, Paul Slagle. Paul then, said to me, “He’s far from Finished”. That ended up being my personal vision/mission statement for 2018. There could be no truer statement!!!!

If you have heard anyone speak or have read anything that has helped in your walk, let me know and I’ll share next time! Thanks for letting me share! Have a great week!!

Been there, done that!

My daughter had orientation for college today. She’s my 2nd to go, so it was a different kind of emotion than it was with my first. They even handed out buttons for the parents to wear. One that said “New to this” or “Been there, done that” depending on which child we were there with.Wouldn’t it be awesome, if we could wear buttons like that in life. To help us know how and with whom we can relate to. I found myself looking around the table and by their buttons, I knew how they were feeling. Last year, when I was sending my oldest daughter off to college and “New to this” experience, I wanted to boo hoo and it was tough letting her go. This year, wearing the “been there done that” button, it was a little easier, plus she’s living at home. I can’t imagine how I’ll be feeling when my youngest goes. Maybe a combo of both. Sad because he’s my baby, but thrilled because he’s my last one and I’m done!!!!!🎉🎈🎉In writing this blog, I am no expert, just someone who’s “been there, done that. I love sharing this journey with you all. It helps me to realize how God’s been there through it all, even when I didn’t see Him. In healing, from the pain of my divorce, I would go out on my back porch and search His word and then pray those very words into my situation. When my heart was broken, I prayed that he’d be near me, bind up my wounds and heal me. (Psalm 34:18); a verse from Beth Moore’s Breaking Free study, John 8:36 (I’m gonna make you look 👀 it up) stood out to me and I prayed it. Things started being almost too good to be true because God was putting every little broken piece back together. It lead me to this verse, Deut 30:3 (msg.version)~ God your God will restore everything you have lost. He’ll have compassion on you, he’ll come back and pick up all the pieces where you were scattered. He did every bit of that for me and more. He can do it for you too!!! ****I wasn’t going to tell this story, but maybe someone could use a laugh. I’m directionally challenged and it drives me crazy!!!! I nicknamed my brother, Rand McNally, because he could gets us anywhere we needed to go. I’m the total opposite and literally got lost in the parking garage today.😂😂😂😂 I knew my car was close, I just couldn’t find it. I kept hitting the panic button and could hear it, but had to wind around a million times until I found it. It made me think about His word and how it truly is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path. Why would we wander around in circles to find the way, when we can stand on His word that will guide us, right where we need togo?!?***

Trusting God “in the meantime”

The journey of my life….I spent 13 years in an unhappy marriage that I was DETERMINED was going to get happy 😊. I did everything I knew to do, prayed every prayer I knew to pray and trusted and believed that God would answer my prayers, as I wanted him to. Only to end in divorce.That season of divorce, was the most painful thing I’ve been through in my life. An unbearable pain that shook me to the core. It changed every detail of life as I knew it. From the simple, every day things to crushing the future hopes and dreams I had for my family. I’m a dreamer and I had big dreams and a beautiful picture envisioned for my family. The good thing is, it’s still a beautiful picture. Just different than how I’d originally envisioned.It took me some time to get unmad at God for not answering as I wanted Him to.  But, in time, He showed me that His ways are better than my ways. Taking me out of an unhealthy relationship was the best thing He could’ve done for me. I just didn’t see it as unhealthy at the time. I saw it, how I had wanted, hoped and prayed for it to be.  How it could’ve been with 2 willing people.With that, I have no ill feelings toward my ex-husband. Get frustrated with, annoyed by, mad at, in times??? YES, YES and YES!!! But, somehow God shielded me from bitterness, resentment or anger that could’ve rooted within me.  I truly care for his heart and soul. I pray that way beyond being a good provider,  he would be a good father to our kids. The one, our heavenly Father, meant for him to be. They deserve it and only he can give that to them.For myself, I had to go into my own personal war room, pouring into God and allowing Him to pour into me. Going back to sermons I’d heard, books I’d read and searching for scripture that I could pray into my situation. There were deep hurts and wounds that needed to be healed. Mental and emotional damage done that had to be repaired. I just recently saw the movie, “War Room”. It’s amazing how on point that was with my life. Down to writing out my prayer lists and sharing with 2 very trusted friends. They prayed for and believed God with me. If I had known then, what I know now, I would’ve better equipped to handle things. But, I don’t know what I would change. It was walking through those time that equipped me,  gave me the relationship I have with the Lord and  an overwhelming love and gratitude for those that walked along side me.I’m in a new season, where the hurts have been healed and the damage has been repaired. My prayer list, for that area of my life, looks like this✅✅✅.I can now look ahead to where God wants me to be, what He wants me to do and who He has for me.Where…….I’ve been a part of 2 great church’s in my life. Emmanuel Church of Greenwood and Charity Church. I love them both!I’m so thankful for the foundation I was given at Emmanuel and the friendships I gained there. During my divorce, my living room was filled with my youth girls that literally held my head up, when I couldn’t do it on my own and cried along with me. It may have been from too many glasses of wine, on one particular night😜. But, nonetheless, they held my head up and loved me through the hardest time in my life. My youth group “girls” are now beautiful women that I love with all my heart!! My forever friends!!!In my adult life and throughout my marriage, Charity Church became my place of refuge and my source of hope and strength…. My Home! I was taught well how to be an overcomer in this crazy life! My kids were prayed for and prayed over. They’re who they are because of those very prayers. I was recently led back to Charity and there’s no greater joy than knowing, I’m living in God’s will, where I belong.What….I’m sure God will show me what he wants me to do. Whatever, it is, I’ll give it my all!!Who……I may tape something right across my forehead, to save the first question everyone asks😂.No, I’m not dating anyone. So many of my single friends feel they need to be dating or in a relationship. Personally, it’s a great time for me to grow in my relationship with the Lord, allowing Him to make me who I’m meant to be for whoever is praying the same prayer. I know one thing for sure, it takes 3 (2 committed people with God at the center)I may still be figuring it all out, but I look forward to my future. In the meantime, I’m trusting in God completely!!!!*If you don’t have a church home, come join me!* http://www.becharity.com