The God on the Mountain is still God in the valley

As I’ve gone through the journey of life, there’ve been so many good and bad times. Times when you feel on “top of the world” and times when at your lowest.

Life’s brought some trying times for me lately. Nothing I could control, sickness, disappointment, sudden loss of a loved one, the transition of my last one going to college 😭, just to name a few.

I think, in life, if we apply what we’ve learned through hard times, then the next hard time won’t be as hard. Maybe we’d learn lessons from past experience, like to worry less because ultimately God’s in control, that all things work together for good…..” and things could turn out better than we ever expected. ( or asked or imagined.)

It amazes me the things that God’s puts in our paths that can speak so clearly. I saw a fb post that really stood out to me. I don’t know who shared it or the exact words. Something along the lines of- it’s not okay to question God, but it’s ok to have questions for God.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve really had to remind myself of that statement over and over again. I never questioned that God would get us through things or that He had a plan and purpose, but I did have a lot of ????’s. Finally, I resolved to leaning not on my own understanding…..

I’d learned things from my past experiences. Not to talk myself into a panic, to worry less; to know that everything will work out.

That’s why I blog. I love going back to remember all the good and bad times. He’s the same God that I’ve written about in previous posts on great days and still the same in the struggles. Even if I wasn’t feeling it, AND I really wasn’t feeling it!😉

Yesterday, I had a long drive to visit my son. God gave me the answers to the questions that I’d been asking over the last few weeeks through the radio. I’m 💯 not techy. I wasn’t listening to a church service or podcast on Bluetooth, it was just 2 hours of christian radio. When one channel got staticky, I was able to click right on another christian channel.

As I was singing along, I realized the lyrics fit beautifully with what I’d been experiencing & that God had already been whispering in my ear. The God on the Mountain is still the God in the valley….It was just one phrase from the song, “Graves into Gardens”.

Later, I tried to look up the song. I searched for the phrase, God on the mountain, it brought me to a song with that exact title.

Growing up, I loved hearing the Glovers sing at church and remember them singing this very song. I found an old recording of them. (I’m old & not tech savvy. I hope it works. Ha!)

I’m so thankful that God is still the same, no matter when or where we are….in the good days, the bad days, the good ole’ days and today! Up on the mountaintop or down in the valley.

There’s so much more to share about the things I learned on road trip. To be continued…….

Thanks for letting share!


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