An Overcomer

I had a really tough conversation today where we just had to agree to disagree. It made me aware of some things that I wanted to clarify and share. This is my online “diary”. I began writing it because at the time, I was in a very dark place and found writing was good therapy. It’s also a good way for me to look back on my life, to remember the things I’ve done daily to get to a better place and see the difference over a time period from doing these things day in and day out

I’ve never claimed to be perfect and I confess , I sin every day, we all do! But, I truly do have a daily walk with The Lord. I try to know His Word and apply it, so I can be better today than I was yesterday. Verses have different meaning and come to life in a different way with every circumstance. Meaning that what I got out of a verse today, I could get something different out of it tomorrow, depending on the situation. That’s why it’s called The Living Word!

Do I always ✅ 💯 of the boxes? Absolutely not, but some days I check more than others. I’m a work in progress every single day and my ultimate goal is to become the best that I can be. There will be days that I fall short, but I’ll just get back up and keep trying!! I’m a strong believer in the power of prayer and have seen very specifically the results of it!

When I post these blogs, I’m not preaching to anyone! Really, the only reason I share these posts online is because it might just help someone that is going through what I went through. When I was going through my darkest times, just hearing someone say that “they’d been there” was the most comforting words to hear!

I keep this blog very vague out of respect, but there are no words to describe what being in a mentally, verbally. emotionally abusive relationship is like. It did things to every fiber of my being, to the core. It changed who I was and kept me from being the best version of myself. It took away my voice, my joy and my peace. It affected me in every area of my life that I didn’t see until I was out of it! It took me years to dig out from the old soil of life, shake it off and begin to stand on new, fresh solid ground!! These days, I’m figuratively standing on the mountaintop, but for years, I was in the deepest valley.

I’ve had good feedback from writing this blog and heard from others how they needed to hear what I wrote. I believe that God can work in us and through us even if we are not 💯 perfect. That was the agree to disagree topic from earlier today. Plus, it’s my online blog and respectfully, no one is forced to read it!

I was recently with an old group of friends. The same group that was there with me when I went through my divorce years ago,. Except this time, instead of being broken and in deep pain, I was full of joy, peace and lots of laughter. In my eyes that shows that I’m healed or at least healing!! And, I’ll have to say, it is the best feeling ever!

I’ve been divorced for 11 years now. Time does heal & change things. It definitely changed me. I’m a completely different person!!

For me, going through a divorce, was the most painful experience that I have ever had. I remember in those days how I daily, would cry out to God the words of this song, over and over and over again…..

it talks about the pain being so deep that you can hardly breath. It says please don’t let this go in vain.

I believe that time and that pain was not in vain. I learned from it, I grew from it and I applied what I learned to live my best life. At the same time being a sinner saved only by the grace of God!

Also, in my adult years, I was taught about the power of praying the scriptures. Along with the words of the song, I prayed this scripture over and over and over…

I wasn’t 💯 perfect when I was crying out these prayers, but the intention/belief in my heart was 💯. I’ve seen these very prayers answered!!

I think about the different phases of life and this particular phase lasted what seemed like forever. But, thank God that I was able dig out of that phase and move on into a new phase with a new song in my heart.

I’m not going to share every phase or new song, but if you scroll back you can read more about them.

When I was healed a little more, then this song became my new prayer. To be honest, I wasn’t 💯finished in the healing phase, but I was able to move on and see both phases of life coincide with each other. This was a good lesson for me because I used to think that I had to have it all together FIRST and then I’d see change happen. I began to realize that we definitely can’t change people and sometimes we can’t our circumstances. My new pray and song became that God would change me.

I had lunch with a good friend years ago and as we caught up on our lives, we got to laughing that we were just a pair of “hot messes” lol! I joked that I hoped God could work in us and through us anyway! I believe that He can and that He has. She shared her favorite song at the time and that became my prayer.

I won’t, but I could go on and on with songs and scriptures that I’ve prayed and I’ve seen become reality.

Life is tough for all is us and we all have our own battles. I’m just glad that through my life, whether I had it all together or not, I was able to be an over comer!! Plus, God is far from finished!

Thanks for letting me share!


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