A lamp unto our feet and a Light unto our Path

God is so good and has literally brought me full circle in so many areas that I have to share. I always wrestle a little about posting, but I can’t shake the feeling of not sharing. I’m going to continue this post later because there are just too many God moments to share in one. I just think of it as my online diary. A place where, if you’ve followed, then you’ll share in the joy of my journey. If you haven’t followed, you can read my previous posts and see just how much of a God story I have and how much He’s done for me. He can do the same for you!

In my darkest days, I was taught so well how to lean on the Holy Spirit, how to learn and know scripture, how to pray those scriptures and stand on the truth of His Word, how to know the voice of the Holy Spirit who can truly guide our every step. I thank God for those that poured into me and took the time to always answer my phone calls with millions of questions as I was learning and growing and for guidance when I was hurting and needed prayer. There’s too many to name everyone, but Pastor David & Carla, get the prize for always answering my phone calls and being great teachers and Paul, for answering all my questions with a ? and emails! 😊

For a visual, I was buried beneath years of STUFF( an unplanned pregnancy, rough marriage, deep wounds, heartache and pain of divorce, raising 4 kids as a single parent & just figuring out life in general) that I had to dig my way out of. Literally, one thing at a time, one day at a time. One of my pastors described it as shaking off the old “soil” to allow myself to stand higher & higher on fresh “soil”. As I now stand on higher, solid ground, I’m living dreams come true and prayers answered!

In my last couple of posts, I’ve talked about sitting around the kitchen table with family! Almost like I knew what was to come in the days ahead. I had no way of knowing, but I do know what my hopes and prayers have been!💕

Usually on Easter Sunday, my parents host and do all the cooking and plan all the little extras. I’m glad they do too. It’s a lot of work and $$ .😉 They were out of town this year and I had the privilege of hosting.

We had a good dinner with all my kids home, except one, who was on vacation, my brother & SIL and nieces stopped by and my in laws were here too. They played cards at the kitchen table, debated their different opinions on politics! 🤷‍♀️. We had an Easter egg hunt with $$. It was a lot fun watching my almost adult kids wrestle over the golden egg. A great day and priceless memories were made!

A week before Easter, I asked on Facebook for book recommendations for my son. He loves to learn and was looking for something to read as he’s maturing and just looking for guidance as he grows.

After everyone had left on Easter Sunday, he and I got into an unplanned conversation about life. He really challenges me because he’s a deep thinker and asks lots of questions ( kind of like his momma😊) We went to the Word and reminded ourselves what the fruits of the spirit are and how that should be evident in all we do, if we’re striving to do our part as Christian’s. We had really good prayer together and he asked about developing his own prayer life. I gave him the same advice that was given to me. Find a quiet place daily just talk to Him.If you’ve ever watched the movie War Room, that’s a perfect example. From my own experience too, learning to hear His voice is so important as that’s how He leads us!! We also talked about the importance of surrounding yourself with other believers.

Some of my dear friends had been inviting me to visit their church and the following Sunday I went with them. I’d never been and I’ve never just visited with friends before. The message that day was exactly what my son and I had talked about just the week before. I whispered to my friend sitting next to me that I was about to jump out of my seat! 😊 I talked to the Pastor afterward. He gave me a book for my son to read AND he graduated from the same college my son attends now. He recommended, as important as reading is, getting involved in groups on campus was just as important. Having gone there himself, he recommended the exact groups to look into. He said to let my son know that he’s praying for him and he could reach out to him anytime. He’d even love to catch a game at his alma mater sometime.

As I’ve reflected on life’s journey, I’m writing this with tears of joy flowing. God is so good and has been so faithful! There were years that I wondered if the tough days would ever end if God was really there and hearing me! Even though I didn’t see it or couldn’t feel it at times, He was there all along, holding us in the palm of His hands. He knew the plans for us….to give us hope and a bright future. Providing a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path! And in the words of a dear friend, He’s far from finished!!!

May we all have the faith to trust in Him with all our hearts for our lives and our futures!

Thank you for letting me share.


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