When We all get to Heaven, What a day of Rejoicing that will be

I was blessed with 2 wonderful sets of grandparents and a bonus grandma too! I’m the oldest and gave them their names, Mamaw and FaFa! 😂 I’ve been thinking of and missing them a lot lately, but have realized how much of them are with me and in me every day. Both of my Mamaw’s were superstitious, and whether this is true or not, we don’t put on our shoes on the table because that’s bad luck and we never do laundry on New Years Day because that could wash someone out of the family!

I run the sweeper in straight lines the way Mamaw did. We knew never to walk on her freshly swept carpet and mess up those lines too! We definitely knew never to wake up Fafa when he was sleeping! Every time I comment about the gas prices or stock market, I think of my grandpa in KY. I can’t repeat what he’d say about that though! Lol! I loved going to their house, sitting at their kitchen table and looking out the window at the pretty view, like we’ve all done so many times before. If they were there, there’d be plenty of snacks on that table with a salt shaker nearby and a big, green cup at the kitchen sink. The snacks were there to hold us over for the main feast that she’d been preparing for weeks. Pretty soon, she’d be yelling that her green beans were burning or to shut the door, we were letting flies in!

My last grandparent (FaFa) passed away in 2020. I’m 46 now and I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve started to text or call him to tell him the latest with me and the kids. He lit up when we went to visit them or heard our stories. Or, I’ll think, if FaFa was here, he’d be fussing, or if Mamaw was here, Miss Pat would’ve been fit to be tied! I’ve heard when you see a cardinal, it means someone from heaven is visiting. When I see one, whether that’s true or not, I’ll just say Mamaw and Fafa came by for a visit!

I’ve been thinking a lot about them lately because now that my kids are older and come home to visit, we’ll sit around the kitchen table talking, laughing or playing cards. (what is it about families and the kitchen table?), my daughter goes shopping in my pantry instead of going to the grocery store. When I send leftovers home, I’ll make sure to remind them to bring back the containers. I do certain things because that’s just how my dad did it or that’s just how my aunts/uncles did it. My aunt and I have had some good laughs about some of the “beauty secrets” I have 😂 because that’s how she did it.

Recently, I said to my kids, I sound just like my mom and as I’ve thought about it, that’s a good thing. She’s a lot like her mom (dad) and they’re a lot like theirs and so on down the line. Ya know, often, when you’re frustrated with your spouse or irritated with your kids, “you’re just like your mom (dad)” is a negative thing. 😉 Both my grandpa’s favorite question was if if I had a boyfriend. I don’t at the moment, let alone a spouse, but if I ever do, I already know what my response will be. Thank you, because that makes me proud. That’s just a little background to you all about what’s been on my mind and in my prayers lately.

I’ve just been praying that I’ll be the best version of me, a combination of all the best traits of those before me. To use the strengths for good and better the weaknesses. I’ve been praying the same for my kids too, that they’ll be the best combination of their families. Can you imagine how great our future grandkids and great grandkids could be, if we all strived to be the best version of ourselves and those before us?

I thought about how all the grandkids and great kids sang together at my grandpa’s funeral. He loved music and played every instrument imaginable. When we were all together, not much made him happier then when we’d all sing together.

It’s a beautiful song that gave me a vision of what it’ll be like when we all get to heaven!

I just hope and pray that my friends and family will be proud that I’m their mom, grandma, sister, aunt, 2nd mom…..whoever, just like I’m proud that they’re mine.

Thanks for letting me share!


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