He’s The God of The Hills and Valley’s

I’m not sure where to even begin as I write this week.

God is doing great things in my life. He’s healing me, He’s shaping me and as it’s been spoken over me, He’s taking me further than I’ve ever gone before. All exciting things, but we still have to face life’s issues and when we strive to walk closely with The Holy Spirit, the attack’s of the enemy come at us stronger and stronger. I’ve been pushed this week by people that I love and love me right back to become better. To take control over things that I can change to do things the best way possible!

The good news is if we’re rooted in God’s house, in His Word and and passionate in our prayers, the enemy won’t win!

I would so encourage everyone to get plugged into a church. Iron sharpens iron, so as one person sharpens another. Proverbs 27:17.

It’ll bring encouragement to hear others stories who might have been where you are and vice versa. You can share your story with someone that needs to hear.

I’ve shared how God led me back to my old church. I do love it there, but I have struggled at times with why God wants me there. It’s a 30 min drive from my house, a different denomination than I was raised in and no one in my family attends there. But, I know it’s where God wants me and what I need to be hearing to be a conqueror in what I’m walking through in my life. The messages and songs are in exact alignment with what I’m living through!

Sometimes, we can get so caught up in making it about everything, but about God. The true message of The Gospel is the only truth that matters!

Today, the message of the gospel was shared and our pastor talked not just about salvation, but having a personal relationship with Him. He talked about how we should nail ourselves to the cross. So, whatever we face, we’re carrying the cross and nothing or no one can bring us down.

It reminded me of a song that we sang at my church growing up. A different church, a different time, a different messenger, but the same message. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. Hebrews 13:8 He’s the way, the truth and the life and through Him is the only way to The Father. John 14:6

I’ve had a tough week and there’ve been days that I didn’t want to keep going. But, I’ve also shared that my prayer has been to be a light to the world.

I had a colorful dress on today and as I was walked out of church, the greeter commented and said, “I’m just going to call you sunshine”😂. He started singing, “This little light of mine.”

He had no idea what my prayer has been and how much that elementary song encouraged me to just keep going and to keep letting God’s light shine through me.

No matter what or who I face, I won’t let Satan blow it out, I won’t hide it in fear of attacks. If God is for me, who can be against me. Romans 8:31

We all face stuff in life, but if we carry the cross, there’s nothing that will keep us down.

He is The God of The Hills and Valleys. No matter where we are, His grace is enough and we are standing in His love.

Have a great week and thank you for letting me share!


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