He loves us just as we are, right where we are

I’ve had such a great week of ups and downs and have so much to share. Not only have I spent time with God, but I’ve spent time with other believers which leads to hearing from God through them, as well. I love my people!😊

I’m leading the Bible study, “When God doesn’t Fix it” at my house with a few friends that have been such a blessing. It’s so on point with where I am in, in my own walk and just what I need to be hearing. It seems to be the same for the others too.

This week, it covered the story of Abraham and Sarah and their struggle with infertility. It was the perfect story of real people that had sinned and tried their own ways without fully trusting in God’s plan for them. But, even with that, God didn’t give up on them. They persevered in their faith and God granted the desires of their heart with the birth of their son at 100 years old. When we put our complete faith in Him, He will see us through to the very end and give us the desires of our heart!

We decided to have that kind of faith

1. We have to be intentional about putting God first in our lives. Making it a priority to be daily in His Word. It truly is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path. Giving direct instructions in every thing we face and the strength we need to keep going, when we feel like we can’t. It’s the Living Word that gives new hope in every new situation. The same words, but different meaning, depending on what we’re facing.

2. Be faithful in prayer. Pray the Word, BELIEVE, receive and take the authority that we have through Him!

3. Surround yourself with other believers. They can laugh with us, cry with us and support us through whatever we face in this crazy life. I clung tightly to my circle when I was going through such a tough time and I still cling tightly to them today, getting through to the other side of it. Now. we just get to celebrate the victories!!!

4, Learn and grow from what we walk through and live out an example to those around us.

Even with the good things this week, I was really struggling with some things. I was pushed a little (spurred a little, if you go to Charity lol) to be reminded of what I already knew from within my own spirit, to keep going and to hear and obey!

I’ve shared the song that’s been the prayer for my life lately. It starts with, I don’t want to hear anymore, teach me to listen; I don’t want to see anymore, but give me a vision. To change me to handle the circumstances, when the circumstances aren’t changed.

My kids are getting older and my #1 mom fail was not making them help when they were little.

My love language is acts of service, both giving and receiving them. I thought I was being a good mom by doing everything for them. As they get older, I realize that I wasn’t helping them to become the best that they are meant to be.

Being a single mom is an overwhelming responsibility and I’m not their maid or their secretary and they need to help me and respect me. How will they ever know, though, if I do everything for them and not teach them to do it own their own. Tough love is just that, especially for me, but they’ll thank me for it later. My dad made us walk the line when we were younger and I’m so glad now he did!!! My brother tested the limits a lot more than I did, but I think we both turned out A-OK. Now, instilling in our kids, what was instilled in us!

I’m raising future husbands and wives; mom’s and dads; uncles and aunts. Plus, when I’m older I want them to come spend time with me and help in the yard and carry out the trash cans etc. I’ll put them to work and they’ll do it happily because they know it’s what’s important to me!😜

If you’ve never done the discovering your love language, it’s really good to see how we relate with others. There’s one for yourself and for your kids


I’ve done this 100 times, even changing my answers, but acts of service is always my top.

As I get older and my kids get older, spending time with them becomes more of a top one for me. Time flies and tomorrow is never promised!!!!

They have no idea how happy it makes all of us moms, when they’re all home together. There’s nothing that makes me happier. I push for it every chance I get!

My kids (some more than others) want my attention for their EVERY need NOW. I can’t do it all! But, what I can do is stop and listen for the things that are most important to them and make them the most important to me. The rest they can learn to do own their own and become better for it!!

Even at 43, my mom wants to remind me of what I should be doing and especially what the kids need me to be doing for them. I’ll answer, ok Mother😊 She hates it when I call her that.

It’s not that things are going one ear and out the other. It’s a ✅, I get it, I just have to prioritize the things that are most important right now.

I don’t want to make this too long, but just this week God gave me vision late Friday night and by Sat at 10 AM, it was in full swing. I actually didn’t even have the details worked out. I showed up expecting a green light to go for it and I got it! It all went better than I could’ve ever imagined. It all came about from something my mom initiated, without her even knowing it. Keep doing and reminding me mom, even when I call you mother.😘

I had breakfast with a friend Sat. morning and we discovered this from talking about being used by God in our jobs, in our families and in our churches……Who knew we could be a hot mess and a shining light at same time😂. But, we sure can be. God loves us as we are and where we are. He can use us, if we let Him! She shared her favorite song with me and it’s perfect!

Big dreams can lead to big things. But, it’s the small dreams that create simple moments that can change the world!!! I pray, I’ll never forget that!

Have a great week! Thanks for letting me share!


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