There is Power in Prayer

I’ve shared so much on here and on facebook, if you’re friends with me there, that I hope not to be repetitive. But, it’s so amazing to be seeing almost every prayer, I’ve ever prayed over the last 20 yeas answered, just as I prayed them. It makes going rough years worth it!!! Knowing that God was there and heard my cries, even when I didn’t feel like He was. To now, answering new prayers just about as instantly as I pray them!

I’m a big believer in the power of prayer and spent alot of years doing what I was taught to do and praying over my kids. I spent a lot of time talking with my pastors, at then Charity Tabernacle,  when my kids were little.They taught me how to pray over my kids as they slept, praying the scriptures and speaking life over them. I still talk with my pastor, at now Charity Church. But, it’s about the good things that have come from my prayers being answered. With a million questions on the “how to’s” of life and parenting as my kids get older. This phase with them is a tougher one and all new to me!!!

I was telling my youngest daughter about praying over them and she said “Don’t be coming in my room, I like my privacy” 😂 She doesn’t know it, but it’s something I’ve always done! As they get older, they want to fight against me sometimes, but I can still pray over them and know that “His word will not return to me empty…..”. -Isaiah 55:11 Look up the rest of it! 🙂

Even though I’m living in a great time of my prayers being answered, I still have to face things and other’s that want to fight against me. I find great comfort in knowing that no matter, what and who we face in life, that God is in control! Knowing that “No weapon formed against me will prosper.” Isaiah 54:17. It doesn’t say that they won’t form, but that they won’t prosper. On that word, I stand and find comfort!

I wasn’t always the best about having my kids in youth group and activities. But, I have tried to lead by example with them. Ask them and they’ll say I’m annoying and have a favorite and who knows what else they would tell you, but I have tried!

My oldest daughter shares the same belief as I do in the power of prayer. She wasn’t always the best athlete, but had the perserverance to succeed. She would come to me before her games and ask me to pray for her when she was nervous. Before one game, she mouthed to me at center court that she was nervous and I went down and prayed with her. It wasn’t an intentional thing, just something that both of us BELIEVE in and find comfort in praying. She made Romans 5:3-5 her life and had it tattoo’d on her ankle. I’m not a fan of tattoo’s, but obviously it’s something that is important to her. Something that is now permanently a part of her.

I was recently reminded of a time when she was little. We were on vacation in FL and she fell and scraped herself up. She came to me and asked me to pray over her scrape. It led to a conversation with a man that was there at the pool with us. God is good and answers our littlest prayers.  Oh, to have faith like a child!

My son is a great athlete and recently verbally committed to a division 1 college as a sophomore. He has strong athletic genes on all sides, they just missed me in my family! 🙄 His dad was a great left-handed pitcher and his dad was too. When my son was little, his dad asked me to be a prayer warrior over  him.

I’ll never forget talking with my pastor and him teaching me to pray over him as I mentioned above. One service, he came to me, took my then little guy from me and carried him around the sanctuary, praying over him. It takes a village to raise kids. I’m thankful for everything and everyone that contributes. But, I give all the glory to God and thank him for answering prayers.

When my son was in elementary school and those monthly Student of the Month character traits were awarded at school, he’d bring his awards home and the tears would just fall. Compassion, kindness and humility were the very characteristics that I’d prayed over him since he was little!

I’ve found that lately kids seemed to be drawn to me and I to them.  At church, I was knelt done praying and felt someone next to me. It was two little girls whom I had never met before and had no idea who they were. I now know their first names and where they go to school. We prayed about their school year and they asked me to pray for their mom and baby brother coming home from the hospital. Pretty amazing how God works!

God is so good and there is power in prayer! There is power in praying The Word. We have the authority to pray things in Jesus name. Take it, Believe it and Receive it! The blessings you’ll see in return will be amazing!

Have a good week and thank you for letting me share!





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