“Your Love brought me through”

It’s amazing to be living in the years that answer. My prayers, even for the little things are being answered instantly. I had to find my little Maltese a new home. She’s precious and I will miss her, but we just aren’t home enough to take care of and spend the time with her that she deserves. I found the perfect home for her with a friend. I know they’ll love her just as I prayed! It makes me want to start praying to lose 50 lbs and hit the lottery😊. I wish those things would come as instantly, but you never know what could happen when you set your mind to something!

Speaking of, I’ve been talking with friends this week about how we can let things have a hold over our mind that can detour us from living the life we’re meant to.

I let how I was treated verbally have a hold over my mind. I believed every negative thing that was said. I let it steal my peace, my joy, my voice and honestly living my life to the fullest! I did the best I could and got good at smiling on the outside, but was broken, scattered and hurting on the inside!

The one thing it could never steal was the hope I have through Jesus Christ. I’m not in that place anymore! He’s healed me, set me free and put every broken piece back together!!! He’s made me new again, better than I was before. With the broken pieces all put back together, I know that my future is bright and I BELIEVE HE will give me all the desires of my heart!! Life is a journey. Take it one day at a time, one step at a time. He’ll guide you step-by-step, in the perfect order. His love will bring you through!

I was fortunate because how I was talked to and treated could of turned me to alcohol or drugs or to doing something stupid. But, what I did was turn to God & those He purposely put in my life to listen, encourage and teach me how to be an overcomer!

Whatever your situation is that may have a hold over your mind, don’t let it have control over you!!!

Turn to your friends., message me and I’ll be your friend or help you get connected with right people that can help. But, most of all turn to God. Stand on his word and BELIEVE in his promises!

I’ve mentioned Kim Jones Pothier and the influence her ministry has had in my healing. Just this week, she posted something exactly that would help if you’re dealing with this situation

She’s amazing and brings a powerful word!!

In wanting to walk closer with God, this is a perfect song that’s became my prayer for my life. If you want the same thing, Pray it and BELIEVE IT!😊

Another thing, that I’ve talked a lot with other this week is worry and anxiety. We all experience for different reasons But, why do we worry? He’s got it all figured out.

This is something I’ve found to be very helpful!!


These are just a couple things that I’ve experienced this week that I hope will help someone reading. Have a great weekend and thank you for letting me share!!

I’ve shared how I was brought back to Charity Church and how much I love it there. It’s amazing how aligned what is spoken and sang is so exact with what I’ve walked through, what I’ve already written about, and shared with the exact words, what I’m living through right now.

Blessed by Grace visited a couple of weeks ago and sang this song. It’s unbelievable how God has moved, is moving and can continue to if we let him!!

Check out “Your Love Brought Me Through” by Blessed By Grace Trio on Amazon Music. https://music.amazon.com/albums/B071SG5FYC?do=play&trackAsin=B072C4F916&ref=dm_sh_kbflq8UgBylVTT3psntBasod8


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